About Us

"Miss" - the proper way to address all young ladies

"Fanatic" [fuh-nat-ic] - a person with an obsessive interest in and enthusiasm for something, especially an activity

"Miss Fanatic"- The hottest line of women’s "sports inspired" apparel.

Sports just doesn’t attract the guys to root for their favorite teams; the “Miss Fanatic’s” of the world cheer on their sports teams too and when Miss Fanatic shows up at the stadium she wants those guys to know she’s at the game. Throwing on a pair of jeans and a logo’d t-shirt just won’t do – Miss Fanatic is fun, yet fashion forward, sophisticated, yet extremely loyal to her favorite colors. Miss Fanatic knows how to play the game and is willing to spend her hard earned money to support her alma mater. Stand aside fellas, Miss Fanatic is on the field and ready to play.

Miss Fanatic is hip, electric and unlike anything else on the market. She’s wants the best there is in terms of fabrics, applications, and is proud to know majority of the goods are made in the USA. She knows other fanatics like her don’t just show off the team colors on game day so she set out to create items that are wide-ranging. They fit any occasion with limitless possibilities to show your true colors on and off the gridiron!

Miss Fanatic is now one of the leaders in seamless tubular clothing, combining the newest technology and state of the art Santoni machinery. Though yarn innovation and the latest trends, Miss Fanatic offers clothing that is versatile. You can take Miss Fanatic from work to a night out to everything in between. Miss Fanatic’s wardrobe features comfort, body enhancing fits and durability on top of being on trend with NY and European high end markets.

Miss Fanatic’s Goal:

  • Create fashionable apparel to compliment and fit other women like Miss Fanatic
  • Combine timeless sportswear with a fun, contemporary edge
  • Create designs unique to anything on the market
  • Source the best fabrics and applications; creating a polished yet playful apparel
  • Offer broad-ranging styles to fit different body types
  • Bring new and exciting products to Miss Fanatics around the globe

Check in weekly as new styles, schools and designs are added often.